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eSubmissions of vent data and glycol dehydrator data are currently on hold pending anticipated changes to collection and reporting protocols

DATE ISSUED: Nov. 4, 2022


New provincial methane regulations came into effect in January 2020 that were designed to reduce methane emissions by 10.9 megatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent over a 10-year period. Data collection of methane emissions helps us to better understand, manage and reduce its release from oil and gas operations. The Regulator completed a review of the efficiency and effectiveness of regulatory requirements associated with methane emissions in 2022. While proposed amendments are subject to final approval, it is anticipated there will be changes to data collection and reporting for sections 52.03 to 52.08 of the Drilling and Production Regulation (DPR) relating to natural gas emissions from storage tanks, compressor seals, pneumatic devices, pneumatic pumps and glycol dehydrators.

As a result, glycol dehydrator and vent data entry through the Regulator’s eSubmission system has been deferred until the regulatory changes are finalized. Permit holders should continue to maintain data using the relevant Vent Data Collection Template and Glycol Dehydrator Data Collection Template. The Regulator may require submission of data on a case-specific basis to support compliance monitoring activities.

Permit holders will be provided with an update via the eSubmission system and the release of another Technical Update once a final decision has been made on the proposed regulatory changes.

If you have any questions regarding this Technical Update, please contact:

Kevin Parsonage, P.Eng.
Supervisor, Audit and Integrity
BC Energy Regulator

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